Understanding the Differences of the Future Canvas

Our future devices will go beyond smartphones. Line of sight will replace the click. Viewability will be built into experience. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will shape the way we interact with the world and our surroundings. However, in order to prepare for this future canvas, understanding the differences is the first step.

The Basics

VIRTUAL REALITY – Can put you anywhere
A fully immersive simulation of a 3-d image or environment that can be interacted within a seemingly real or physical way. Only accessible via tethered headset devices connected to PCs or console.

AUGMENTED REALITY – Can bring anything to you
A real world with a virtual layer on top. In a headset: fully immersive 360 experience. If used from just a handheld phone the camera is the window to world with 3-D graphics on top.

MIXED REALITY – A mix of both worlds
A fully immersive real world merged with a virtual one. Concept overlaps and is sometimes interchangeable with augmented reality.

360 Video Vs. Virtual Reality
Many people have a hard time understanding the difference between 360 video and virtual reality. This is a quick reference guide we created to quickly grasp the basics.

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