The Right Ad, at the Right Time, to the Right Person

We’ve listened to the notion of contextually relevant marketing develop for over a decade now, but what does it really mean? We can date it back to 1993, when Don Peppers and Martha Rogers predicted this trend in their book, “The One to One Future,” where they explain how marketers can precisely determine which consumer gets to see which ad and when.

Since then, programmatic buying and the notion of audience planning (as opposed to media planning) has become mainstream. By fueling campaigns with relevant and accurate data, modern-day marketers are able to accurately target niche audiences with customized messages based on their real-time location and historical behavioural characteristics on specific devices.

Driving awareness through mobile advertising with contextually relevant creative works, but don’t just take our word for it! JUICE Mobile was honoured to be acknowledged for a best use of mobile at the Concours InfoPresse – Prix Media. And now we’re pleased to share our learnings and inspire brands to build dynamic ad creative:


Touché! Montreal approached JUICE Mobile with the challenge of increasing awareness around the various health benefits of drinking milk. Based on research that linked these benefits to 16 nutrients in milk, they had the idea to expose the Quebec population to this information at key times throughout their days.

In order to successfully achieve the campaign’s objective, we utilized JUICE Mobile’s three pillar approach: A People Approach, Captivate Them and Beyond Expectations.


The starting point is always to apply a people approach: understand the real-life behavior of the target audience and how we can utilize our targeting capabilities and data to reach the right people at the right time.

Using our best in class location data partner, we were able to create 30 audience segments from the thousands of data points which we would later employ to deliver a highly responsive campaign.

Each creative was specifically aligned to an audience segment. Creative was then served at specific times of day based on targeting parameters.


In order to effectively captivate the audience we utilized the JUICE Mobile Creative Studio, who designed 10 unique creatives with custom animations that mimicked the small game previously developed by the client’s creative agency. This established cohesive and consistent branding. We served the ads at scale with tailored messaging aligned with user’s real-time activities (i.e. served the ‘benefits of milk for muscle’ ad to people at a gym).


To demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaign we partnered with Nielsen to measure brand lift. This allowed us to not only report on clicks to the website, but also report consumer’s knowledge of milk’s nutritional benefits after being exposed to their custom ad.

The results were impressive!

JUICE surpassed industry benchmarks and increased product association with regard to milk’s benefits – the study showed 63% of the exposed audience connected milk with at least one benefit vs only 54% for the non-exposed (which is 16.6% lift).


People are consuming content faster than ever, which presents a challenge when looking to capture attention and drive action. This challenge is even more pronounced on mobile which makes it imperative to establish a meaningful and personal connection with the users, based on their past or present experiences and attributes. Tailoring call to actions to audience and environment increase engagement and are increasingly crucial considerations for brands as they’re continuously evolving their marketing playbook.

Stay ahead of the curve by continuously testing dynamic mobile-optimized creative, working with trusted data partners to understand the geographic and psychographic behaviours of your audience and rely on metrics that actually matter to measure the effectiveness of your campaign in accordance with their initial objective.

For our French-fluent readers, learn more about the campaign here.