The Future Canvas Series: Temperature Check

In order to develop an effective marketing strategy in today’s fiercely competitive digital ecosystem, you should first understand and gauge a few key consumer metrics. Consumer perceptions about how you stack up against the competition, the current knowledge consumers have of your brands and what material needs the consumers’ need to see addressed.

We’ve previously blogged about serving the right ad, at the right time, to the right person. In this post, we’ll take a deeper dive into how to identify the right person.

While many traditional methods for gathering information can be effective at helping you get to know your customer, an in-depth assessment of your target audience through focus groups, surveys, or interviews may cost a few thousand dollars which significantly eats into your marketing budget. Worse, email blasts and frequent requests for online reviews may actually irritate your current customers.

It’s no surprise that customers who are already aware of your brand and have previously made a purchase are your best source for quality assurance checks and feedback to assess market opportunities. The good news is there is a cost-effective way to get this intel while at the same time identifying new potential customers using demographic, psychographic and geographic behaviour. You can gain insights on why a consumer clicked on your ad, whether that consumer then visited your store, and if so, what was purchased. With this level of insight, you’ll be able to develop ad copy and creative that drives real lower funnel conversions and gets your customers to choose your products over your competitors.

JUICE has launched a new creative ad canvas, available to all advertisers. This new capability is named Temperature Check and is designed to gather consumer sentiment and intent feedback and simplify data collection.


By designing the creative to include minimal multiple-choice selections, a visual poll, or a rating slider to capture information, brands will experience an increase in consumer engagement with their ads while simultaneously reducing the time and effort spent gathering customer insights.

The Temperature Check format is versatile and can be adapted for multiple verticals and strategic initiatives. For example, a popular coffee chain may run a multiple-choice poll to discover how customers prefer to take their coffee. Cream and Sugar? Coconut Milk? Iced? Once they understand their customer’s preferences they can ensure their product offering meets the demand and focus their future media creative on delivering the most resonant messages.

In the mocked up Rogers example above, it’s demonstrated how this unit could be used to gain insight into customer’s emotional response to their recent in-store experience. By leveraging real-time mobile device ID, location tracking capabilities, brands can follow-up with a Temperature Check ad to generate extremely valuable, timely, feedback. As a brick and mortar business, this approach could be used to analyze your in-store customer experience and identify your best customers.

Since Temperature Check is fully customizable, it functions best with a streamlined and intuitive design. To increase feedback, minimize the time it takes for users to engage with the ad and deliver meaningful results, we recommend requiring 2-3 interactions at most.

Combining these benefits with lookback window targeting to catch people while they’re still thinking about their experience with your business is a powerful strategy to drive conversions. This tactic can be used to create copy that truly resonates with consumers emotions during relevant moments in time.

With a limited budget and an eye on the clock, skip the old school methodologies and gain timely, tangible insights about your customers and their experiences with your brand by ‘checking their temperature.’

*This mock-up was created for demonstrative purposes only.