The Future Canvas Series: Shoppable Lookbook

Gone are the days of reaching consumers as they’re flipping through product catalogues, so how do brands show off their full suite of products without pages of real estate? One way is to offer consumers a virtual view of your store, product line or menu and let your ad become a catalogue. In the market today, there are quite a few social media platforms offering a carousel functionality to help satisfy this need of promoting a product catalogue, but carousels are nothing new.

JUICE has launched the Shoppable Lookbook mobile ad experience that provides brands with an opportunity to bring their products together, tell a story and reach audiences on their primary screens. Using a familiar left to right scrolling action, Lookbook offers an expansive canvas allowing users to navigate through a collection of featured products, add them to a cart or even check out with the swipe of a finger.

In the Nordstrom example above, the ad showcases trending seasonal items for which users can view product details and pricing. This linear shopping format reduces ad weight and therefore also limits any load time or impression discrepancy concerns. The unit can be paired with a client’s payment gateway, passing the user directly through to the checkout page on the client’s website after they’ve added items to their cart within the ad experience. This allows consumers to select their product and complete a purchase in seconds.

This ad unit is fantastically flexible for many retail brands. In addition to promoting a digital catalogue, the Shoppable Lookbook could be designed to mimic product shelves of a grocery retailer to enable users to scroll through items on digital store shelves. Another use case comes from the QSR category, users could browse through menu delivery items based on their current location.

For added reach and relevance to consumers, leverage the power of combining this interactive ad format with JUICE’s behavioural location targeting data to ensure products are presented on screens in front of users who have an affinity for your brand.

While traditional catalogues are a thing of the past, brands and agencies can partner with JUICE and conveniently reach consumers whether they at home at work or on the go, with our innovative, lightweight Shoppable Lookbook ad unit.

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