Subway- Press the Panini Campaign

CHALLENGE: The JUICE Mobile team worked closely with Subway and their media agency, Carat, in an aim to generate awareness and drive excitement with QSR diners while changing consumer attitudes regarding the Subway Panini launch.

RESULTS: JUICE executed a unique behavioural location strategy combined with custom creative in order to reach consumers at both the time and places when they are most likely to interact with the brand. JUICE was able to pique consumer interest in the new panini sandwich by reaching frequent QSR diners during a time of day when they are in the consideration phase of what to have for lunch.

JUICE created highly engaging expandable and interstitial units that encouraged consumers to spend time interacting with the unit, while showcasing the new panini menu selection.



Overall, there was an increase in awareness of the new panini offering, with over 10 million impressions served and a CTR 3x over industry average.