Measuring Mobile Impact on Key Brand Metrics with Nielsen

At the recent IAB Canada State of the Nation in Toronto, JUICE was thrilled to join Nielsen Media Research on stage as Nielsen presented findings from their 5th annual Digital White Paper highlighting Canadian benchmarks and trends for media reach and campaign effectiveness.

Nielsen has been a key collaborator for us as we’ve worked with clients to prove the impact mobile can have on delivering lift against key brand metrics such as awareness and intent to purchase. Mobile has primarily been considered more of a performance media historically, but the 29 Nielsen mobile in-app brand effectiveness studies we have run with clients over the past year prove that the close connection consumers have with their mobile device combined with intelligent targeting solutions and compelling creative executions can meaningfully move the needle on upper funnel metrics.

We took the audience through 3 case studies which best highlighted this impact. First, though, we set the stage by outlining how our aggregated results compared to Nielsen’s mobile norms.

The deck is presented in full below:

These learnings have been invaluable as we consult with clients on mobile campaign best practices and continue to advance the mobile creative capabilities advertisers can use to bring their brands to life on the most intimate and interactive media screen.