Enhancing Targeted Campaign Performance with Guaranteed Customer Targeting

As advertisers seek to have greater control over the audiences they reach, it’s common to rely on a heavily targeted line item on the demand side platform (DSP) of choice to ensure their ads are served to the intended target. However, with brands demanding safety, viewability, trust, and transparency, is real-time bidding (RTB) really the best place to find these audiences? The logical place to go for tailored audiences is publisher direct but trying to find the same audience segment across all publishers can be a challenge far more difficult than even coordinating a distributed ad buy itself.

Enter Guaranteed Customer Targeting
Since its launch, JUICE has championed Nectar as the the most efficient way to discover, plan and buy guaranteed inventory, aimed at increasing brand awareness. To address the audience problem, JUICE Mobile introduced Guaranteed Customer Targeting on the Nectar platform, changing the game for advertisers and allowing them for the first time to programmatically buy guaranteed inventory with enhanced audience targeting. Guaranteed Customer Targeting allows advertisers to access Factual’s rich behavioral location targeting (BLT) audience segments on their programmatic guaranteed buys.

Using Guaranteed Customer Targeting, advertisers are able to access over 500 of Factual’s behavioural, brand shopper, demographic and place visitor segments in Nectar. These audience segments can be combined together to build as broad or targeted an audience as needed, according to the advertisers’ needs. Factual has been integrated into JUICE’s mobile-only DSP, Swarm, since its inception, so it was only logical to add the same targeting that we have come to trust into our Programmatic Guaranteed platform, Nectar.

Combining Factual’s high-quality data with Nectar’s access to premium inventory has proven to be a wise decision. In targeted campaigns using Factual’s data, JUICE has observed significant improvements in CTR and eCPM using Guaranteed Customer Targeting* over the same audience targeted in RTB.


Comparing the same audience segments being targeted on RTB and Programmatic Guaranteed inventory, the Guaranteed Customer Targeting yielded an average boost of 180% for CTR and an 8% savings on eCPM. With this lift, it’s easy to justify the advantages of targeting an audience on the premium inventory guaranteed by Nectar’s publishers.

Guaranteed Customer Targeting is available across top publishers in Nectar and is continuing to scale as more premium publishers integrate Factual’s industry leading data solutions into their portfolio of properties. We at JUICE believe that this enhanced targeting capability is a great option for advertisers to reach their intended audience in a premium environment. In an industry with serious ad-fraud and brand safety concerns, Guaranteed Customer Targeting within Nectar is helping to overcome it.

*Based on interstitial creative7