CES – The Fun House of New Tech

Another CES has come and gone and normally we would be putting together our list of top technologies, or as we like to call it our very early Christmas list. But after seeing some of the technology that was showcased this year we couldn’t resist putting together our top 5 list of the “quirkiest” tech at CES 2018!

1.Ovie Smarterware: We are still unsure where on the “necessary” level this one sits, but we will admit, we are intrigued!  Ovie is a small tracker that can be placed on food, or conveniently affixed to one of their own produced products, that will colour code what stage your leftovers are at. So basically, instead of touching the lettuce, you can know it’s no longer good to use if the Ovie has a red light. I guess we can say it is efficient…

2. KURI Robot: Adorable robot meets creepy stalker? It is a robot for your home and makes a great companion to help capture those precious family moments or be the extra guest for your child’s tea party. But something about having a robot that is constantly recording what you are doing in your house, who gets smarter as time goes on? A bit of the heebie-jeebies.

3. Somnox pillow: For those really into tracking and improving your sleep, can you think of a better option than spooning with this sleep robot during the night! The Somnox pillow is there to help improve your sleeping patterns, while you sleep. In theory we believe it will work, but the fact that it’s another robot in your personal space…see above re: heebie-jeebies. Although some members of our team are already talking about getting one.

4. Selfly Camera: Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you could just pull out your drone to snap a picture? Well worry no more, the answer is here for all your emergency drone needs! The Selfly has built a drone right into their phone case. Smart idea, but also can’t wait for the news stories about excess air traffic control interference via drones!

5. YaDoggie: As a big fan of food delivery both here at the office and at home, along with our office being pro dogs (sorry cat people) we love the idea of dog food delivery right to your door! The only questionable part of it is the smart scoop feature! This smart scoop has a light that indicates if the dog has been fed or can link to an app and notify the owners on their phone. Again a smart concept, however instead of this solving the problem of “did you feed the dog”? I can see this becoming a “why do I always feed the dog?” dilemma. Just consider your household warned!  

Did you see any weird, quirky or totally awesome tech while at CES? Share it with us on twitter @JUICE_Mobile.